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Protecting God's Children

Creating a Safe Environment

Here at St. Francis de Sales Church we are committed to keep our parish as a Safe Environment where our children and youth can meet God and grow in Love towards Him every day. We have implemented the Dallas Charter to make sure that we do not allow anyone who is not supposed to be around minors to approach and hurt them in any fashion. 

We require all our volunteers to attend the Protecting God's Children for Adults workshop, fill and application to volunteer and as per Archdiocesan guidelines do a background check. Mrs. Clarena Santamaria is our Local Safe Environment Coordinator (LSEC). If you have any questions or need to report any suspicious event or behavior you can reach her at 973-779-4330 or


If you need or want more information please go to:

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Protecting God's Children Awareness Session

If you are a volunteer and need to register for a session please click the button below

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Sesión de Protegiendo a los Niños de Dios

Si usted es un voluntario o desea hacer voluntariado en nuestra parroquia por favor presione el botón de abajo para registrase en una sesión

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