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Obligation to Attend Mass/Obligación de Asistir a Misa


New Jersey's New Capacity Limits for Houses of Worship

FEBRUARY 22, 2021

On behalf of Cardinal Joseph Tobin, please be aware that today, Governor Phil Murphy announced that the State has revised the current restrictions on the capacity limits for Houses of Worship.

Effective immediately, religious services and celebrations, including wedding ceremonies, funerals, and memorial services that involve a religious service, will be able to operate at 50% capacity of the room in which they are held, with no cap on the number of individuals permitted to attend. Services were previously limited to 35% room capacity or up to 150 individuals, whichever was less.

Individuals attending services will still be required to wear masks and sit six feet apart from those outside of their household group.

En nombre del Cardenal Joseph Tobin, tenga en cuenta que hoy, el Gobernador Phil Murphy anunció que el Estado ha revisado las restricciones actuales sobre los límites de capacidad para las Casas de Adoración.

Con vigencia inmediata, los servicios y celebraciones religiosas, incluidas las ceremonias de boda, los funerales y los servicios conmemorativos que involucran un servicio religioso, podrán operar al 50% de la capacidad de la sala en la que se llevan a cabo, sin límite en el número de personas permitidas. para asistir. Los servicios se limitaban anteriormente a un 35% de la capacidad de la sala o hasta 150 personas, lo que fuera menor.

Las personas que asistan a los servicios aún deberán usar máscaras y sentarse a seis pies de distancia de las personas que no pertenecen a su grupo familiar.

Em nome do Cardeal Joseph Tobin, esteja ciente de que hoje, o Governador Phil Murphy anunciou que o Estado revisou as atuais restrições aos limites de capacidade das Casas de Adoração.

Com efeito imediato, os serviços religiosos e celebrações, incluindo cerimônias de casamento, funerais e serviços memoriais que envolvem um serviço religioso, poderão operar a 50% da capacidade da sala em que são realizados, sem limite para o número de indivíduos permitidos prestar atenção. Os serviços eram limitados anteriormente a 35% da capacidade da sala ou até 150 pessoas, o que fosse menor.

Os indivíduos que frequentam os cultos ainda deverão usar máscaras e sentar-se a dois metros de distância dos que estão fora de seu grupo familiar.

For more information, click the link to view the full version of Executive Order 225:

Welcome Back Message Cardinal Tobin

Mensaje de Bienvenida del Cardenal Tobin



Cardinal Tobin Message to Youth and Young Adults



In this hard times we know that some people are enduring hardships. We as a Catholic Community are here to support and help you as much as we can. Please let us know if you or someone you know is in need. Also, we are looking for non-perishable goods to be distributed among those in need so if you want to help please bring any item to the rectory by Thursdays. We are reliving food on Friday. For more information please click the Button below.

En estos tiempos difíciles sabemos que algunas personas están sufriendo dificultades. Nosotros, como comunidad católica, estamos aquí para apoyarlo y ayudarlo tanto como podamos. Háganos saber si usted o alguien que usted conoce está en necesidad. Además, estamos buscando productos no perecederos para distribuir entre los necesitados, así que si desea ayudar, traiga cualquier artículo a la rectoría los jueves. Estamos reviviendo comida el viernes. Para obtener más información, haga clic en el botón a continuación.

My dear Parishioners:

Cardinal Tobin has given us a guideline to reopen the churches of the Archdiocese (Click Here to see What to Expect and Here to see Directives). On Monday May 18, 2020 we are starting Phase 1. It means that our parish church will be open on Mondays from 2 to 4 pm, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9 am to 11 am. You are invited to come remembering to keep social distancing and wearing a mask. Let us continue praying for each other.

Fr. Francisco

Mis queridos feligreses:

El cardenal Tobin nos ha dado una guía para reabrir las iglesias de la Arquidiócesis (haga clic aquí para ver Qué esperar y aquí para ver las Directivas). El lunes 18 de mayo de 2020 comenzamos la Fase 1. Esto significa que nuestra iglesia parroquial estará abierta los lunes de 2 a 4 pm, los miércoles y viernes de 9 am a 11 am. Estás invitado a venir recordando mantener el distanciamiento social y usar una máscara. Sigamos orando los unos por los otros.

P. Francisco

Meus queridos paroquianos:

O cardeal Tobin nos deu uma orientação para reabrir as igrejas da arquidiocese (clique aqui para ver O que esperar e aqui para ver as Diretrizes). Na segunda-feira, 18 de maio de 2020, iniciaremos a Fase 1. Isso significa que nossa igreja paroquial estará aberta às segundas-feiras, das 14h às 16h, quartas e sextas-feiras, das 9h às 11h. Você está convidado a se lembrar de manter o distanciamento social e usar uma máscara. Vamos continuar orando um pelo outro.

Pe. Francisco

Ascension Thursday - La Ascensión del Señor

Cardinal Tobin April 23, 2020




Cardinal's Easter Message

Spiritual Closeness in time of Social Distancing

Holy Week in time of COVID-19

March 25, 2020

Office of the Vicar General and Moderator of the Curia


To:                   All Serving in the Archdiocese

Fr:                    Reverend Monsignor Thomas P. Nydegger, Ed.D.

                        Vicar General and Moderator of the Curia

Date:               March 25, 2020

Re:                  Coronavirus Update from the Archdiocese of Newark


The Archdiocese of Newark’s Coronavirus Task Force continues to monitor the ongoing pandemic situation and to aggregate guiding information from federal, state and local officials.  Based on the latest information shared publicly, the following are the new directives issued by Cardinal Tobin for the Archdiocese of Newark and a reminder of his prior directives still in effect.

NEW DIRECTIVES effective March 25, 2020:

Wakes and funerals must be postponed until further notice. There are no exceptions to this, regardless of the size of the group. Burials may take place with only the priest.

All baptisms must be postponed until further notice with the exception of an extreme emergency.

All weddings are postponed until further notice.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation is suspended until further notice with the exception of an extreme emergency. 

All churches and adoration chapels must be closed and locked until further notice. Private prayer in any parish building must be discontinued until further notice.

Parish offices must be closed until further notice.  Employees who provide essential services should be limited and on staggered schedules.

Pastors should see that the Blessed Sacrament is renewed in tabernacles regularly from celebrations of private Masses.


The following directives REMAIN IN FORCE since March 18, 2020:

All public celebrations of daily and Sunday Mass suspended until further notice.

All public celebrations of the Sacraments and other public forms of worship suspended until further notice. This includes, but is not limited to, previously scheduled Confirmations, celebrations of First Communion, penitential services, Communion services, and Liturgies of the Word. 

Anointing of the Sick: A priest may use a cotton-tipped swab or cotton ball as an instrument to anoint the sick person. 

Holy Water should be removed from all fonts. 

Celebrations of Mass should continue via live-streaming. If you have not done so already, you are urged to enroll your parish in the archdiocesan Parish Support Initiative that provides one online platform for the faithful to support the critical needs of their parish communities and other parishes in need. Contributions also are gratefully accepted through usual channels including mailed envelopes, other online giving, Annual Appeal, etc.

The Archdiocesan Center remains closed with limited and staggering of hours.

Catholic Schools remain closed as directed by the State of New Jersey.

All Archdiocese of Newark Catechetical education and events sponsored by the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) are suspended.


Anyone who has had direct exposure or potential exposure to COVID-19 is advised to carefully follow the guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regarding isolation and quarantine protocols. 


Archdiocesan employees will continue to work remotely, and should consult their supervisors for further guidance and to determine work assignments.

We encourage you to continue to visit for accurate and updated information available to the residents of New Jersey. Also, please monitor our website at and follow the Archdiocese of Newark’s social media channels @NwkArchdiocese for archdiocesan related announcements.

We continue to keep all affected individuals, families, first responders, and especially those on the front lines in our prayers throughout the coming days. Thank you.



March 20, 2020

Dear Parishioners,

We are living a very particular moment in the history of our parish, nation and our world with the appearance of COVID-19. This sickness has been catalogued as a Pandemic by the World Health Organization and it is affecting most of the world leaving many deaths in its trail. For this reason, I am writing to give you a word of comfort and reassurance in the middle of a lot of panic. The event of the COVID-19 also reminds us that as much as we are called to build the city of God on earth, we are part of a greater plan and design — Heaven. These were the words our Archbishop told us in a recent video, which is available for you to view on our website (

Last week for the first time in the history of our Parish, we did not celebrate Mass publicly at the request of our Archbishop Cardinal Tobin in order to help stop the spread of this virus. This might have created sadness and discomfort among many of you but it was a necessary step out of charity to help stop this sickness. Further, I invite you to read the memo from the Archdiocese of Newark also in the link found in our website, where our Archbishop explains the new guidelines that we are invited to follow out of charity for one another. Therefore, our parish will not have mass or meetings until further notice. However, our Chapel will remain open for prayer and if you need to confess or need anointing of the sick, please contact us. We have a restriction of 10 people per funerals and weddings already scheduled. We are working to get our YouTube channel (St. Francis de Sales Church - Lodi NJ) fully running ASAP so that we can transmit our daily and Sunday mass via this channel. I will be passing through the streets of Lodi from time to time with the Blessed Sacrament to make present that God has not forgotten us. Therefore; if you need to speak to someone or need anything, I invite you to call our emergency number 201-730-1497. Also, the rectory will be operating on a reduced schedule: Mondays – Wednesdays – Fridays from 2PM to 7 PM until further notice.

I invite you to not forget that the Christian community in all its history has been a place of love and assistance for all those in need. Some parishioners have offered to assist with buying groceries or medication for the home-bound. If you find you’re in need, please contact us through the emergency number above. Furthermore, I invite you to visit our chapel to pray — remembering to keep a safe distance. Let us ask our Lord Jesus Christ and His Mother the Virgin Mary to intercede for us in this difficult time.

Please, do not forget your parish financially as we need to keep sustaining the Church during this time. You can mail your envelope to the parish or go online and donate through PayPal on our website.

May God help us all during this time,

Rev. Francisco J. Rodriguez


Dear Saint Francis de Sales parishioners,

I am writing to ask your support for an Archdiocese-wide initiative that Cardinal Tobin has launched to support our parish community, outreach to those in need, and parishes in response to the effects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on everyday life.

We are coordinating with the team at GoFundMe, a leading online giving organization, to provide one online platform for the faithful to support outreach to those most in need as well as cover the critical needs of their own and other parish communities during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. This is a coordinated and unified effort.

The first place people often go in time of need is the local parish. Under the current conditions brought on by the Coronavirus ( COVID-19) pandemic, parishes are limited in the services they can offer to the faithful.

Cardinal Tobin has temporarily waived the usual archdiocesan assessment in support of this initiative.

Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to our parish. Visit our parish GoFundMe page:

The funding flow for this initiative offers both simplicity and transparency for our parish community and others who choose to contribute:

•All money raised through individual parish GoFundMe pages will flow into a central archdiocesan fund, and the Parish Business Services team will aim to release all funds to parishes in the amount raised for the parish within the week

•Pastors, parishioners, and the public can track how much each parish has raised in total on their individual parish GoFundMe pages

•All money raised through the Parishes in Need fund will be distributed to conduct outreach to those in need and to those parish communities unable to meet their critical needs alone

•Contributions are tax-deductible, and contributors will receive tax receipts automatically

You may also continue to give through your typical methods if you prefer:

•For those who would like to continue to give through envelopes or cash during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, please mail them to the parish or drop them at the rectory

•For those who give through our existing online giving platform, you may continue to do so on our website by clicking donate via PayPal.

•Please also remember the Annual Appeal among your options for contributing

Our parish will have a live-streamed celebration of Mass on weekdays at 8:30 AM (Monday through Saturday) beginning on Thursday March 26 the latest and Sundays at 9 AM in Portuguese, 10 AM in English and 11 AM in Spanish beginning March 29. You may access the livestream at the following link:

Thank you for generosity to our parish and to those parish communities unable to meet their critical needs alone.

For a message from Cardinal Joseph W. Tobin, C.Ss.R., the Parishes in Need fund, and more on how this initiative will support the critical needs of our parish communities, please visit

For more information on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the Archdiocese of Newark's response, please visit:

Rev. Francisco J. Rodriguez


MARCH 18, 2020


Churches Remain Open For Private Prayer, Funerals, Baptisms and Weddings Limited to 10 Family Members

Cardinal Joseph W. Tobin, C.Ss.R, Archbishop of Newark, announced that all public celebrations of daily and Sunday Mass will be suspended until further notice, effective today, Wednesday, March 18, 2020. This difficult decision is an extension of the Archdiocese’s recent announcement, in which Cardinal Tobin dispensed the faithful of the Archdiocese from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass until further notice.

“This decision comes after exhaustive discussion and with an especially heavy heart,” said Cardinal Tobin. “It is critical that all comply with this directive to protect the health of all throughout the archdiocese and beyond. Please be assured of my continued prayers for you and for the communities we serve. During this challenging time in the life and mission of the Archdiocese of Newark, I ask for your cooperation and leadership as we mobilize the resources and support needed to care for all in our communities. Our Eucharistic fast continues, as we pray for its quick end.”

This decision was made out of deep concern for the well-being of the faithful and wider community, especially those most at risk of serious illness or death, and in cooperation with statewide mandates. The Archdiocesan Coronavirus Task Force carefully assesses the situation each day and is comprised of clergy, religious, lay leaders, and medical professionals. The Task Force evaluates statements and direction from state and local official to determine the most appropriate course of action in maintaining safe and healthy environments.

Under Cardinal Tobin’s directive, all public celebrations of the Sacraments and other public forms of worship are also suspended until further notice. This includes, but is not limited to, previously scheduled Confirmations, celebrations of First Communion, penitential services, Communion services, and Liturgies of the Word.

The following exceptions are permitted:

Baptisms, funerals, burial services, and previously scheduled weddings are permitted; however, attendance must be limited to a maximum of 10 participants, including the celebrant. The celebrant should consider carefully with the next of kin or wedding couple who will attend. Celebrants also should remind families that the same limitations are being applied across all relevant Archdiocesan institutions, including Catholic cemeteries.

The Anointing of the Sick and Reconciliation will remain available, as needed. The celebrant should take every prudent precaution where indicated, such as use of gowns, masks and gloves.

A priest may use a cotton-tipped swab or cotton ball as an instrument to anoint the sick person.

Parishes are encouraged to expose the Blessed Sacrament and remain open for private prayer for the faithful. Clergy should continue to remind the faithful to maintain a prudent distance from one another. Other safety precautions include the removal of Holy Water from fonts.

While public Masses are suspended, celebrations of Mass will continue online. During this challenging time of suspended Masses and limited social interactions, parishes also are encouraged to livestream private Masses and provide resources via social media channels to help parishioners continue to experience spiritual union and to observe the Lord’s Day.

Parishes also are advised to suspend all office activity for a period of at least two weeks. Pastors may consult local officials to determine the most appropriate course of action, and employees who provide essential services are permitted to carry out their duties according to the determination of the Pastor.

In addition, all Archdiocese of Newark Catechetical education and events sponsored by the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) are suspended, and all Catholic Schools remain closed as directed by the State of New Jersey.

The Chancery also is closed to all employees beginning on Wednesday, March 18, 2020, for a two-week period. Essential staff will work remotely to provide seamless support to the communities we serve.

Anyone who has had direct exposure or potential exposure to COVID-19, is advised to carefully follow the guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regarding isolation and quarantine protocols.

For the most up-to-date information and latest Archdiocesan news, please continue to visit the Archdiocese of Newark’s website and COVID-19 resource page at and our social media: @NwkArchdiocese.

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